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Why Choose Us?


With nearly 30 years of lending experience between us, there’s just not many scenarios that we haven’t seen before. And with Josh’s passion for fiscal literacy, he’s constantly exploring other options for his clients to reduce their costs as much as possible while simultaneously empowering their wealth creation.


We can’t stand it when we have unanswered voicemail, texts, or emails. You will hear back from us quickly, always. And we always loop in the realtors, title companies, buyers and sellers on important news. We send status updates to all parties immediately and frequently throughout the loan process. You will always be able to reach us quickly if not immediately.

Complete Prequalification

The Payment Rate Calculator

When you get prequalified, do you only want to know how much you qualify for? Don’t you want to know which loan(s) you qualify for? And why that one’s better than others? Don’t you want to see all your best down payment options? And perhaps most importantly, don’t you want to know exactly what your future total monthly payments would be for any price home once you’re done prequalifying? You will with us. We show you all your loan options, side by side and help you choose the best one for you.

We've Got Your Back

I’m sure you’ve already realized how many lenders will only review your credit and application during prequalification. That’s because it takes so much extra time and effort to go further.  Despite this extra effort, after helping you choose the best option for you, we will then run that through the appropriate automated underwriter and if there are any questionable areas, we’ll walk your file to our human underwriter and review it with him. When we issue a preapproval letter, you can shop in confidence.  We’ve got your back. As long as you don’t change anything, we’ll give you the loan we prequalified you for.

On-Site Underwriting

Your whole loan is typically completed right here in this office you'll meet us in. On-Site Underwriting allows us  to simplify and speed up the loan process. We are able to get answers to all the questions that come up in a loan straight from the decision maker very quickly. Three weeks to close a loan is about the longest it ever takes around here. You’ll get your keys quickest with us.

Transparency & Integrity

You’re more important to us than the loan. We feel it’s our duty to help you understand exactly where you’re at and exactly what options you have. We want all your questions answered, all the time. You’ll also get holistic advice from us as you navigate those options. You’re making one of the largest financial decisions of your life. You will always get the whole truth from us.

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