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95% Jumbo Loan

The gap: The FHFA (Federal Housing Finance Agency) provides 95% LTV loans in the $424,100-$636,150 range only for homes in Fannie Mae's designated "high-balance counties." This leaves a significant financing gap for the many people who don't live in these high-balance counties, because the maximum FHFA financing they can obtain for homes in this price range is 90% LTV. 

Filling the gap: With Community Lending Group's innovative 95% Jumbo Loan, qualified borrowers-both inside and outside the high balance counties-can now obtain 95% LTV loans in the $424,100-$636,150 range! (Reserves are required; talk to your mortgage professional for details.)



  • Up to 95% LTV financing; maximum 38% DTI

  • Loan amounts: $424,100-$636,150

  • Minimum FICO credit score:

    • 740 for 95% financing to $636,150​

    • 680 for 90% financing to $850,000

      (740 minimum for first-time homebuyer)​
  • 1-unit primary residences (single-family, PUD, condominium


  • Purchase; rate and term refinance


  • Fixed-rate

Contact us today for more information about our 95% Jumbo!

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